Media Solutions

Performance One Media is a unique and innovative leader within the performance-based media industry. Partners can leverage our buying power as a media-aggregator and utilize our expertise to establish a fast-acting cohesive media plan that yields larger response volume, better conversion and more innovative media solutions.

Services Overview:

  • Reach - $200 million in annual media placement reaching over 110 million households
  • Strategy Development – client specific tailored approach of Per inquiry, Media Buying, SEM/SEO, multi-platform and interactive advertising
  • Creative & Offer Development – from advisement to storyboard and production
  • Trending & Analysis – near real-time identification of trends and analytics of placements to continually meet cost-per goals
  • Vendor Management – call centers, data warehousing and fulfillment
  • Solutions Development – ongoing consultation to determine areas of growth and improvement

Integrating Core Efficiencies

Because of our strong performance and reputation, we control large blocks of underutilized media inventory across multiple platforms in over 110 million households, which is a key driver in clearing both Per-Inquiry and Paid avails. Per-Inquiry allows for low-risk/high-frequency methods of testing general response and our control of paid media inventory facilitates true campaign management and trending.

We have pioneered a "blended" approach to direct response advertising, leveraging both Paid and Per Inquiry inventory for each campaign making us a market leader with successful campaigns for both agencies and clients like Cancer Treatment Centers, Hairclub, JG Wentworth.

Our specialized buying power makes it possible for your spots to reach over 110 million households through Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (Cable, Satellite, Telco, National Networks and Local Broadcast Affiliates). Our core "strategic network" is within TV markets where the demographics have proven a higher propensity to shop at home and where viewers tend to buy and/or qualify more than the industry average.


Placement includes but not limited to the top ten multichannel video distributors in the U.S.